Safety dating

Protect Your Personal Information

Remember not to share your personal information, such as any bank information, credit card number or social security number. Do not tell anyone you barely know your home or work address. All this information should remain hidden for your safety.

Please, note: if you receive a letter claimed to be from One Night Partners asking for your nickname and password, ignore it and communicate with our Customer Care team. One Night Partners will never demand your personal information.

Be Aware

Do not hesitate to block and report any user you have misgivings about. All your concerns can be reported anonymously using the profile page, email or messaging window at the One Night Partners.

For your safety, it is better to keep all the conversations on the platform. If you are forced to move the conversation to any other medium, like personal emailing or phone calls, report us immediately.

Report All Suspicious Behavior

In case you notice a user disobeying our Terms of Use, please report here. The most common terms of use violations are:

  • Requesting to send them money or donate;
  • Demanding additional photographs;
  • A person under 18 using the service;
  • Sending offensive or threatening messages;
  • Users conducting themselves inappropriately while meeting other members in real life;
  • Attempting to register fraudulent profiles;
  • Spam or solicitation, such as invitations to call 1-900 numbers or attempts to sell products or services;
  • Spamming or encouraging to call unknown numbers, buy any product or service.

Finance: Protect Your Finances & Never Send Money or Financial Information

Remember not to react to any message requesting money via any type of transaction or bargain. Once you get this type of message, report it to us immediately in order to protect yourself from fraudulent interference. Do not respond even if the message has an emergency claim in it.

The most dangerous type of transfer is wiring money. It can be compared to sending cash. The sender is not protected from the loss and the transaction cannot be reversed or annulled.

Offline Behavior

Before you decide to meet a person you like in real life, make sure you maintain all the safety precautions and follow the guidelines.

Get to Know the Other Person

For the purpose of safety keep your communication on the platform. Get to know a person as well as it is possible online before meeting them. Note, that a person worthy to trust will never force you to communicate offline the moment you met. Build relations slowly to avoid dangerous situations.

Always Meet and Stay in Public

The most secure place to meet for the first time is the one with a lot of people around. Do not agree to have a date at a person’s home. If the date is forcing you, threatening or aggressively convincing, cancel the meeting and report us about their behavior.

Tell Your Friends and Family Members of Your Plans

Inform your family members and a couple of closest friends about when, where and with whom you are going. Charge your mobile phone and keep it with you all the time.

Stay Sober

The alcohol intake restrains your ability to analyze what is happening and make an informed decision which may put you in danger. Try to avoid places and situations, where your mind clearness can be disrupted. Do not leave your drink (even if it is coffee) without attention in order to prevent the danger of consuming any synthetic substances.

Protect Yourself

One Night Partners grants our users with the ability to create and build strong relationships. An important aspect of any wholesome relationship though is ensuring proper sexual health and safety.

Do not forget about using proper protection. No matter how well you think you know the person, avoiding protection is always a risk. Condoms and other forms of protection are supposed to reduce the possibility to contract or pass on an STI. Note, that no form of protection can eliminate the risk completely, but chances to get an STI to become extremely small.

Be Open and Honest

Sincerity is important in every aspect of relationships. Before getting involved in sexual contact, it is important to have an open conversation about sex. Discuss all the possible issues and be genuine about the number of partners you’ve had and the condition of your health. Remember, that many of the most common STI’s are curable and you both need to start treatment in case of one’s infection. Be honest with your partner to keep both of you safe.


The vaccination can reduce the risk of contracting some STI’s. Contact your doctor or find a professional at the sexual health clinic to choose the right vaccination.

Know Your Status

It is crucial to do regular medical check-in. Some STI’s develop no symptoms and may not be noticed for a long time. Do not forget to ask for a copy of your results to control your health over a long period of time.